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After The Sun

After sun lotion, treatment after our beloved moments in the sun. Many of us love to get a great tan on but what about the time after the sun?

This article is aimed to help you understand the importance of after sun lotion and what the best products out there that Amazon has to offer. It’s clear that there are hundreds of after sun products available to you, but the real question is where to find them? Or maybe you’re not sure if the product is true to its description, well look no further. Clear skin Care helps you to determine what products are available and offers free insight into how to go about on locating the best lotion suitable for yourself.


After sun lotion is a product often used by many to maintain moisture of our skin, extend the length of holding tanned skin or act as cooling relief for sun burnt skin (were all guilty of it). But how does after sun lotion really work? After sun may often be aloe Vera gel which allows the user many benefits, such as repairing the skin and maintaining moisture levels along with the reduction of peeling after our time in the sun. After sun is often advised to be used after prolonged sun exposure.


The first development of sunscreen can be dated back to the 1930’s when the swiss student Franz Greiter had put it upon himself to create treatment for sun burn after suffering with the condition while scaling Mount Piz Buin. Franz had formulated the earliest product of sunscreen by 1938 while Benjamin Green who is not associated with Greiter had embarked on a similar quest, Benjamin Green was an airmen and pharmacist during the war, Franz Greiters product of ‘Piz Buin’ was significantly easier to apply while Benjamin Green was used as a much more physical barrier against harmful UV rays, however, this didn’t stop Benjamin Green’s product of ‘Coppertone suntan cream’ being just as effective.

In today’s times, there are many different products for sun lotions developed by companies globally, with every product able to be found on Amazon. Such as the previously mentioned “Piz Buin”, “Garnier Ambre Solaire” and “Banana boat Aloe Vera” along with many more effective products. A common correlation between many of these products is that they contain a vital ingredient, that ingredient being Aloe Vera which is described as a “succulent plant species”, this meaning that the plant is able to retain water or fluid more than other plant species allowing for the development of the aloe vera fluid, as previously mentioned.

Aloe Vera is commonly found in both medicinal and cosmetic products as the fluid is found to have a high ratio of beneficial effects to the skin, such as clearing of acne, this is due to the high level of antioxidants, enzymes, both vitamins A and C along with anti-inflammatory effects. General aim of this information is that be observant to a products ingredient, however, let’s not get it twisted folks, Aloe Vera being the main ingredient is not everything for a products, just to say that “contains Aloe Vera” does not determine the product to be the equivalent to a five star rating.



Usually, sunburn will not take full effect until the dreaded 6 hour mark were the full effects will take place, as time goes on, the effects may become worse depending on the severity of the sunburn, this proves how vital good treatment is to help alleviate the painful and increasingly uncomfortable effects of sunburn,  furthermore, proving the need for after sun lotion. In the absence of after sun lotion, the skin will likely suffer not only with the pain of the sunburn, but maintaining moisture which may lead to dry, tight skin, decreasing the appearance.


Severe sun burns can lead to the development of blisters, typically water blisters which are initially dead skin protecting internal fluids. If Blisters are found, do not attempt to remove them until medical attention has been found and specialist advice has been given. Many online articles may give advice against this on how to treat such conditions yourself, however, this may cause more permanent harm to you and result in the condition becoming worse or scarring, the best advice and most genuine is to seek medical attention before taking any further action. In the case of sunburn, the NHS released an online information guide which simply gives instructions on how to tackle the sunburn, with lists on “do’s” and “don’ts” such as not applying petroleum jelly to the affected area and guidelines on taking medication to help alleviate the pain of the sunburn, such as taking painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen.  Always ensure that you or the affected individual is always hydrated as previously mentioned, maintaining moisture and ability to repair the affected area.


In the UK between 2014 to 2016 there were 15,970 cases diagnosed with skin cancer, however, only 86% cases are preventable, the remaining 14% of cases are met with complications. By using after sun lotion, the number of cases can be decreased significantly, these statistics are provided by Cancer Research UK.

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