Tigi Bed Head Elasticate Strengthening Conditioner 750ml

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Tigi Bed Head Elasticate Strengthening Conditioner 750ml

Use Bed Head Elasticate shampoo two or three times a week followed by the Bed Head Elasticate conditioner. Make sure you rinse the shampoo out before adding the conditioner and leave this for 2-3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. DonÂ’t worry if your hair feels stiffer, this is good news as it means your hair has received the much needed protein boost. Just dry and set as normal and you will notice how much better your hair feels.

For damaged hair it would be useful to leave the conditioner in for 10-15 min. Use in towed dry hair and wrap a warm towel around your hair while you wait. When the time is up thoroughly rinse your hair.
Only do this treatment once every 1-2 weeks as you can end up giving your hair too much protein which will also make it look dull and limp.

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